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Advice from today's creative and artistic professionals – FOR tomorrow's. 99% Perspiration is a weekly podcast bringing you interviews and advice from a range of people working in the creative/artistic world. Thomas Edison wrote that genius is 1% inspiration, but 99% perspiration. We want to give you the confidence and the know-how to turn your creative calling into a career. If you're interested in radio, TV, film, literature, fine art, social media, content marketing, advertising, web design, graphic design, theatre, acting, directing, production... 99% Perspiration is the podcast for you. Our website is & our Twitter is @99Podcast Produced by @JaySykesMedia
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Jun 17, 2015

Episode 11 of 99% Perspiration

Alex Burgess is a presenter at the UK commercial radio station Capital FM North East, and owner of band promotions and management company Lonewolf Promotions. She currently divides her time between managing three bands, coordinating live music gigs, and as part of the Capital team. 

Ross Coverdale runs his own freelance marketing and design company, Content Marketing Creative, and is the Marketing and Communications Executive for Head Resourcing.

Ross recommends you check out his online resources, which he co-produced at Head Resourcing:

A guide to 21st Century Networking - an introduction to network science, and how to start thinking about your network differently.

The 21st Century Marketing Handbook - a step by step networking strategy guide, and how to build a purposeful network that suits you.

Our band this week is Huddersfield based modern-classical band Stems.


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About 99% Perspiration:

Weekly advice from today's creative and artistic professionals - FOR tomorrow's. We're here to help you gain the confidence and the know-how to make your creative calling into a career.

If you're interested in radio, presenting, producing, promoting, music, bands, artists, networking, marketing, content, TV, film, social media, writing, acting, directing, production, website, graphic design, advertising, theatre, literature....... Then this is the podcast for you!


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