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Advice from today's creative and artistic professionals – FOR tomorrow's. 99% Perspiration is a weekly podcast bringing you interviews and advice from a range of people working in the creative/artistic world. Thomas Edison wrote that genius is 1% inspiration, but 99% perspiration. We want to give you the confidence and the know-how to turn your creative calling into a career. If you're interested in radio, TV, film, literature, fine art, social media, content marketing, advertising, web design, graphic design, theatre, acting, directing, production... 99% Perspiration is the podcast for you. Our website is & our Twitter is @99Podcast Produced by @JaySykesMedia
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Nov 2, 2015

Episode 21 of 99% Perspiration

Jam-packed episode for you this week. 

On the 7th October, the Student Radio Association held training days around the country, inviting various radio professionals to give talks about their work, share their stories, and offer advice to tomorrow's radio professionals.

And that's exactly what 99% Perspiration is all about!  We're were lucky enough to be invited to the North East & Yorkshire training day.  So if you're interested in heading into radio/audio work - whether it's presenting, producing, journalism, or voice over - then listen on.  This is the podcast for you.


This Week's Guests:

Steve and Karen, Breakfast Presenters on Metro Radio.

Doug Morris, Managing Editor at BBC News, Newcastle.

Anna Harding, Regional News Editor for Global Radio.

Tom Campbell, Drive presenter of Heart Radio.

Emma Snook, producer/presenter at Amazing Radio.

Kyle Wilkinson, the voice of BBC Radio 1.


A little aside:

I'm pretty excited to announce that my radio drama, SeaBurn, has been nominated for "Best Speech" at the Student Radio Awards 2015.  This nomination is one of 8 from Spark FM in Sunderland, the community radio station I volunteer with.  So, wish us luck!


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About 99% Perspiration:

Weekly advice from today's creative and artistic professionals - FOR tomorrow's. We're here to help you gain the confidence and the know-how to make your creative calling into a career.

If you're interested in radio, presenting, producing, promoting, music, bands, artists, networking, marketing, content, TV, film, social media, writing, acting, directing, production, website, graphic design, advertising, theatre, literature.......  Then this is the podcast for you!

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